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I help scientists to visualize their research, making complex scientific subjects easy to understand and visually appealing to increase the impact of their publication

My name is Maria Lamprecht, the principal artist and owner of LampScience, a full service studio specialized in accurate and engaging visuals for science research centers, educational institutions and pharma sector using multiple resources as 3D modelling and animation, scientific illustration or motion graphics. Maria holds a BSc. in Biology, a PhD degree in Microbiology, a 3 year Illustration and Design Degree, a Master in Motion Graphics and several certified courses in animation and 3D. She has published in books and magazines, collaborated with Universities, Biotech Companies and Research Centers as illustrator and animator. Besides this, Maria has more than 10 years of experience in microbiology and molecular biology research, allowing her a deep understanding of what are the essential needs in science communication.
Lets do great things together ;)

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